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Encrive Hadiava
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Omgs, hai!

I love llamaz!
I draw people, mostly men, mostly women, whateves.
I like blue, purple, gold, and green is weird. .-.

Kay bai! :D
So I had this dream where I was getting married. We were walking down a hall to like the wedding area, or whatever the shit. I heard my brother (None of these people were really my family) saying that he planned on killing me. So once we got in, I immediately locked all of the doors and held the door that he was currently trying to get in. (its a dream, of course no one else cared what I was doing) Well then the dream started getting bitchy, first he had a key, so I held the lock in place, (I am never strong in dreams, so I was like "Yeah bitch!") but then the dream fucking broke the locks on the door and they fell out of place. (The part that goes into the wall) So now I was just holding the door. Eventually he gave up and I was relieved. UNTIL MY FUCKING FATHER WANTED TO BRING HIM IN!!! (So somehow he turned into a girl; I was a girl in the dream and I was sexy as FUCK, by the way) So I finally gave up and my brother (now sister) came in and tried to push me into a pit that appeared behind me. I fell to the ground and swung my leg around the back of her and fucking kicked her in, YEAH BITCH!

So I guess it was a good dream? I don't know, it kicked me out before anything else happened, so I don't really know.
And that's how you know when you've won, when your brain is a fucking sore loser and kicks you out! :yayleap: 

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