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Omgs, hai!

I love llamaz!
I draw people, mostly men, mostly women, whateves.
I like blue, purple, gold, and green is weird. .-.

Kay bai! :D

I was one of my OCs in like my school I guess, but my favorite teacher's classroom was actually redesigned and the door was angled differently. So I was this weird girl at first through like half the school part of the dream and it was kinda boring, so I walked outside and some things happened there, but when I came back inside and went into my favorite teachers room on the second floor everything changed. I was suddenly Laopeiz, and SHE looked FABULOUS. Her hair was done up in a sexy ass ponytail, she was wearing a beautiful pair of high heels that complimented how she walked, and I'm not too sure about her outfit though. I think her leather pants were cut off just before the knees and she was wearing stockings, although I really am not sure about her top. IT even kept her rose horns!!! Anyway, on to the other amazing part of the dream. So I walked into the classroom, which was now circular, and apparently I pissed off these two girls, they had horns on their head or something but they resembled a dragon's. So I just lifted up the floor and threw it back down and they got even more pissed. XD
(The floor I picked up was a malleable piece of metal which lied over the real floor)

So I run out of there because I JUST became her and I didn't know what to do, so hid behind a teacher... WOW lol
Then I started throwing stuff at them, like what they threw at me but they missed. I was never hit in this dream and I don't think it would've ever ended if I hadn't woken up.
They kept going into the classroom, I kept picking up the floor and knocking them down, then I found a weird large metal square, dug my nails into that and started flailing it at them. This is seriously the most powerful I've ever been in a dream. I think one of them even had a hammer and I used it against them lol.

This part was worth all of the bullying in the beginning because I was like an awkward girl who decided to just smear some lipstick on her lips and under her right eye for some reason. Then the boring bits in between. 

So basically I was Laopeiz for like ten minutes of my dream, got to ACTUALLY fight some things and had like the best experience of my life in a dream.

Oh, and I just woke up and immediately wanted to type this journal about my best dream ever.
So yeah... :3
  • Mood: Happy

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